Naked Island, Siargao 2016

I am 4 inches away from my ideal vital statistics of 36-24-36. Sometimes, it’s 3 inches away when I’m hungry. Haha! I have continuously done my daily planking routine in the hopes of looking good in a swimsuit.  Yes, it’s summer you know!  I can say that planking is an effective way of tightening your core musles. Plus, it helps you maintain good posture. I am kind of amazed even up to now how I would subconsciously correct my bad posture.  I will be trying out swimming next month.  I am excited not only because of the anticipation of having toned muscles but I would also be learning a very useful skill which I have wanted to master for such a long time now. Watch out for more updates soon!

For now, I’m sharing with you a picture of me by the beach. This was taken last month when I went to Naked Island, one of the many islets in Siargao.  Never mind the scorching heat of the sun, I am confidently beautiful… with tan lines. Haha! I am looking forward to more outdoor activities this summer. I hope you are, too!



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