Unleash the Inner Artist

This is a story of an almost failed attempt to a surprise…

I and my office friends met over the weekend to plan for a surprise to one of our teammates celebrating his birthday on Monday.

We found a great place do some arts and crafts, Aplus Coffee Shop, located at the Upper Ground floor of the FLB Corporate Center just across Ayala Center Cebu, beside Ayala Terminal. The place was quiet with a few people studying over coffee. I loved its interior and overall feel. It felt like home.

For a few hours, we did some doodling, drawing and letter cut-outs. Afterwards, we headed to Ayala Mall to meet another office friend accomplice who happened to be having dinner at a restaurant in the mall on that day, too. To our surprise, the birthday boy was also at the same restaurant! Talk about coincidence and great timing!  All of us being at the same place, at the same time!

When asked what we were doing together, each of us had different answers, totally unrelated and some even conflicting! Nevertheless, we were able to pull off a birthday surprise the next day. Or did we not?


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